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Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica Builds Underground

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica has signed an agreement with CRCC RUS LLC for electrical engineering equipment supplies and construction and installation of three metro stations at the Third Interchange Circuit.

Training Center Opens in PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica

A modern training center has been opened in PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica. The company has excellent experts, which separates it from its competitors.

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica Financial Statement for H1 2017

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica s net profit has increased more than threefold and amounted to RUB 120 million for H1 2017. According to the Financial Statement, this is the result of a 33.7% increase in own production.

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica Shares Admitted to Trading

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica, one of the leading companies providing comprehensive engineering services for the creation of electric power supply systems, energy saving, and electric lighting systems for industrial facilities, has signed a listing agreement with the Moscow Exchange.

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica Chooses Reliable Partners

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica has announced a tender for underwriting and market-maker services. Even though the company just recently sent its listing application to the Moscow Exchange, it has already drawn the attention of potential investors, as proven by the many requests.

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica Holds Online Conference at Finam.ru on IPO Results

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica and Finam information-analytical agency held an online conference. The topic was the initial results of the company s IPO, forecasts of financial and target indicators for 2017, and the company s development prospects.

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica Shares Demonstrate Growth in First Day of Trading

Trading of PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica shares has started on the Moscow Exchange. The company's ordinary shares are included in the list of securities by MOEX, and are being sold under the EELT ticker.

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica Board of Directors Concludes Listing on Moscow Exchange

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica is the largest company in Russia and the CIS countries providing complex engineering services for systems of power, electric power supply, and electric lighting at industrial facilities. Today, on March 14, the Board of Directors of PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica decided to file an application for listing company shares on the PJSC Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS.