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A new product developed by Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica reduces the time needed for mounting termination and transition joints for self-regulating heating cables by 30%

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica Group of Companies expands its range of innovative designs with a new product.

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica Has Been a Major Supplier of Nokian Tyres for Ten Years

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica has provided more than 60% of the electrotechnical equipment for Nokian Tyre’s current production needs, thereby increasing the production capacity of Europe’s largest tire factory.

Exclusive lighting for unique clients

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica's Engineering Center has designed special lighting fixtures for one of Rolf LLC's showrooms, one of the biggest car dealerships in Russia.

Successful supply to Lukoil

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica has successfully manufactured and supplied transformer substations for a development project by Lukoil-Komi LLC at Usinskoye Oil Field.

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica – focus on profit growth

Finam.ru published an article on the Presentation for Investors event.

Russia to Become World’s Fifth-Largest LNG Producer

Russia will enter the TOP 5 list of the world’s leading LNG producers after the full-scale launch of Yamal LNG. This was stated by Leonid Mekhelson, Head of NOVATEK, during a meeting of Russian and Chinese leaders.

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica and Mothercare — 11 Years of Cooperation

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica has completed lighting design in the Motherñare baby store chain. Tomorrow, the famous chain will open its doors to customers in the Raduga Shopping Mall (St. Petersburg) and the Silver Mall (Irkutsk).

Successful supply to Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha LLC

For Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha LLC, the group of companies Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica supplies electrical engineering equipment, cable equipment, and cable support systems for the construction of central production facilities at Srednebotuobinskoye Oil Field.

PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica holds company presentation for potential investors

A presentation was held today by PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica. General Director Ilya Kalenkov presented the company's key financial indicators, which confirm its status as a fast-growing and trusted organization.

Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica modernizes production processes

The group of companies PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica carried out large-scale modernization and expansion of its production facilities.